Choosing The Right Blender

New research out of Italy shows that dark chocolate might help people sufering from reduced blood low to their legs. he small study looked at those with artery problems in their legs, who walked a little longer and farther after eating a bar of dark chocolate. he researchers believe that antioxidant polyphenols, prevalent in chocolate, improve blood low to the legs by afecting biochemicals that prompt the arteries to widen. “Our body secretes chemicals that naturally dilate blood vessels in response to certain stimuli, improving the blood low to certain areas,” said Dr Richard Chazal, vice-president of the American College of Cardiology. “Some of the chemicals inside dark chocolate could afect the way these enzymes are metabolised in the body.”  he study involved just 20 people, aged 60 to 78,who sufered from peripheral artery disease. his is the narrowing of the arteries that carry blood from the heart to the legs, stomach, arms and head. Reduced blood low causes pain, cramping and fatigue in the legs or hips while walking. The Best Smoothie Blender vitamix 7500 is amazing option For Every Budget.


Wearable health technology is one of the fastest growing markets internationally. Whether it comes in the form of our smartphone counting our steps, or the Fitbit measuring our heart rate, this technology has seamlessly integrated with our lives. PWC (PriceWaterhouseCooper) recently conducted a survey looking at how willing South Africans would be to share their health information with an employer. The idea is that, if employers can track the health and stress levels of their employees, they can assist in helping them to stay healthy and work in an environment that is more conducive to happiness – thus making them more productive. It was found that 72% would be happy to use a piece of technology provided by their employer and allow their employer to collect data from it; this rose to 87% if there were benefits for the individual who was prepared to share. The most enticing benefi tsincludedflexible working hours (76%), fi tnessincentives (72%) and lower health insurance premiums (70%).

Broadway’s Tuck Everlasting

Ihad a band you wouldn’t believe,” says Gene Terry. “Two tenor saxes, trumpet, baritone sax, piano, guitar, bass, drums. It really rocked. There are a limited number of Tickets to see Tuck Everlasting available for sale. We were working all the time, but with a line-up of that size, it was difficult to make money. I had two small children and a wife to support, so I took a job with the Police Department, and they put me on a 3pm- 11am shift, so I couldn’t really continue with music… even if I wanted to.” It all started for the Port Arthur, Texas native Gene when he visited his grandparents in Louisiana. “My dad and mom loved music. Dad played guitar, my grandad played fi ddle. We went and heard Elvis Presley in 1954 when he came on the Louisiana Hayride. I was so in awe of that guy! I learned to play guitar, basic stuff, in a month, and found out I had a pretty good voice. I formed a little band and we played Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I thought I was rich… $24!” The band played Elvis and country, but when they heard The Big Bopper’s show on KTRM out of Beaumont, Texas, they added Little Richard and Fats Domino.

“Then this guy came in and said he was a sax player, and we welcomed him. And then I thought, if we have one sax player, we could have two. The band just grew. Jiving Gene, who had a hit with Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, was from Port Arthur, as was Johnny Preston, who sold millions with Running Bear. Jiving Gene went through school with me, and Johnny Preston graduated the year ahead of us.” Aged 16, Gene and his Kool Kats trio cut the rockabilly The Woman I Love backed by the Gene Vincent-sounding Tip Tap And Tell Me, with 250 copies pressed on the Rock-It label. After graduation he moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana, 60 miles from the Texas border, and formed a new band with a more rrhythm ‘n’ blues and swamp pop sound, The Down Beats, who found a residency at the Big Oaks nightclub, making $20 a night.

“People ask me, what is swamp pop? I tell ’em it’s white guys playing Fats Domino real good… and I think that sums it up.” It was here that Goldband Records boss Eddie Shuler caught their act. “Eddie Shuler wanted to sign us to a fi ve-year contract, and we said okay, but we wanted to do the song Cindy Lou, which was a popular part of our stage act. We didn’t know the original was by Shelton Dunaway and the Boogie Ramblers, but Shuler did. He had the publishing, and was very happy to have another version of it on record. “However, he didn’t want it on the topside. That was a swamp pop ballad called Teardrops In My Eyes. My horn players would put their instruments down and sing harmony, which I’m told was unusual for the time. These days, everyone wants to hear Cindy Lou, and Teardrops is forgotten.”

Brother Embroidery Machines Review

This coat is an ideal candidate for this refashion because it has a nice clear waist seam. While it’s possible to do this refashion on a coat without a waist seam, it’s a little trickier as you’ll need to create seam allowances. In a coat with an existing waist seam like this, the seam allowances are already there.


Step one On the inside of your coat you’ll most likely find a facing which won’t have an existing seam. Mark a chalk line on the facing in line with the waist seam of the lining. 01 Step two Unpick the stitching about 5cm (2in) above and below the waist seam on the vertical edge of the coat front opening. Separating the facing from the front of the coat will give you an opening to access the inside and make unpicking easier. Step three Working from one side of the waist seam to the other, undo the seams on the outer shell first. You may also need to unpick small sections of the vertical seams too, where they intersect with the waist seam. Step four Turn to the inside and cut the facing along the chalk line you marked earlier. Step five Undo the stitching for the lining too, all the way along that horizontal waist seam. Unpick small sections of the vertical seams that intersect with it in order if needs be. Step six Go back and restitch any small sections of vertical, seam you had to unpick around the waistline.Do not restitch the vertical edges of the coat opening where it joins to the facing. We recommend you Use the Brother se400 (check it here or any other similar machine for EXTENDING THE FACINGS.


Step one The facings section you have cut will be marginally shorter than the lining, so you need to sew on an extension to make them the same length as the lining. Sew a strip of bias tape along the cut edge of all the facing pieces to extend it. 04 Step two Press under the waist seam allowances on the lining and outer, along the original fold lines, on both sections. You will now have a top and bottom part to your coat; with a little opening along the vertical edge of the left and right side of the opening. The zip will be sandwiched in there.

ADDING THE ZIP Step one Separate your zip into two pieces. Tack one side to the top section of the coat, and the other to the corresponding bottom section of the coat. Tack it to the outer shell only, making sure the zip pull is on the outside flap of the coat. Step two Topstitch the zip in place to the outer shell only, using a zip foot to get as close to the teeth as possible. With the zip secure, flip to the inside, and secure the lining to the zip tape by hand using a slip stitch to finish.

Top 3 Musicals to visit in 2016

Hello, all the art lovers of our blog. We made our top 3 picks of the best musicals on tour in 2016.

An American in Paris is number one in our list. Why? This is a great combination of classic and modern art. Great play for all ages. Official musical page –

Second place was taken by Les Miserables Broadway Musical, they offer at up to 50% discounts on some of the dates. Great story about old times in Europe.

And the last spot we are giving to Avenue Q – that is something new to all the musical fans around the world. A Modern show which is great for students and people around 30. You can check tickets for upcoming dates at We wish you to visit at least one of those great musicals and leave your review about it.

Learning Vocal is Fun


Anyone can learn to sing with the proper instruction. If you are a beginner or if you have a bit of singing experience, the truth is that you can work to improve your voice drastically with the help of a good program.

Ask yourself one question. Do you want to improve your singing voice? If so, now is the time to take action.

The first step in doing this is realizing that professional singers practice a lot. Sure, you do not see it all the time, but every singer worth their vocal abilities puts in a lot of hard work. They practice regularly for hours at a time. Most of us do not see this, but we do hear it.

We see them perform on stage and think how amazing it is to be such a talent. What we do not see is the hours they put in practicing, singing scales and taking care of their vocal cords. Every great singer also has a coach whose program they follow.

If you think you can be a great singer and not take lessons for the rest of your career, you are wrong. See what our singing program has to offer you. We work you so that you learn proper vocal techniques and so that you gain confidence in performing in front of audiences.

Our students have the opportunity to learn basic postures, breathing and diction. We also provide training for stage etiquette, poise and presence. All of this is done within an atmosphere free of stress.

We offer private vocal lessons at Ontario’s Professional School of Music & Arts which is great for children. We offer training to children as young as five. Age 10 is when they are more capable of hearing themselves and are ready to be trained by ear.

What will your child learn in a private voice lesson? Keep in mind that the voice is a personal musical instrument. It needs care and protection. For this reason, we take care in hiring qualified vocal teachers who can look after your child’s voice as well as cultivate it. See what we have to offer your child in terms of personal, private vocal coaching today.

Please call us (905) 567-9070 or visit 5632 Tenth Line W, Mississauga, ON L5M 6S3.

Need A Steel Storage Container

People use steel storage containers for various things, which includes storing housing appliances and even hauling vehicles. It doesn’t matter what you need a storage container for, you should not choose just any old container. There are various things you will need to take into consideration, such as the size and location of the containers, and you will also need to consider whether you are going across the country or if you need just temporary storage space. We will discuss choosing a steel storage container in more details below.

1. The Size- Make sure you know how much space you need for the belongings you will be storing. You don’t want to spend more money than you have to. The good news is that storage containers are available in plenty of sizes.

2. New Or Used- Usually, getting a new unit is what you should do. However, you may not have the money for a new one. Don’t worry because there’s plenty of high quality units you can rent from reputable companies.

3. Buy Or Rent- If you decide to buy a container, then there are other costs you will need to consider, such as delivery fees, but if you plan on storing items for years at a time, then buying makes sense. If you don’t think you will need a container for long-term purposes, then renting one is the way to go. In matter of fact, you can make monthly payments for a specific amount of time, and this could help you save money.

4. The Features- Containers can come pack with a lot of extra features. Some of these features include shelving, refrigeration and vents. These are just a few of the many features that steel storage containers can come with.

Once you have done research at and have settled on the unit you want, you can shop around for one. It’s worth pointing out that Cassone sells quality steel storage units available in various sizes. You can even get yourself a custom container, which is worth considering getting because you can have it built to your specifications.